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We are committed to the mission of increasing the area under organic herbal Medicinal & Aromatic plants Cultivation and to protect the endangered species of rare Herbs,and to preserve the Bio-Diversity &  the herbal Heritage of India



  •  Known by the name of "Danda Karanya" during the Ramayana era situated 200 km south of Raipur, (The capital of Chattisgar State) the land of tribals & magic Herbs, popular for its dense forest spread over more than 31 thousand square kilometers also famous for Bastar Arts.
  • More than 4000 species of Herbs and Medicinal plants are found in the jungles of Bastar. Some are endangered species and some very rare species having high medicinal value.
  • Since the climate & soil are suitable for growth of variety of Herbal Plants which grow in the jungles of Bastar in natural conditions, an endeavor has been made by Maa Danteshwari Herbal farms to cultivate high value Herbals required for preparation of rare Ayurvedic medicines on a large scale on 9 farms spread over 1000 Acres of land. 
  • The enterprise and vision of Dr. Raja Ram Tripathi a former Bank managers led to pioneering success and a new chapter in Agro business as cultivation of Herbal, Medicinal & Aromatic crops on a large scale has been added and once again Agriculture can be looked at as a lucrative business to pursue.



  • 14 Farms, 8 Brothers, 32 close relatives and more than- 20000 associate farmers.
  • Have 16 years of experience, expertise research and 63 case studies of Medicinal Plants farming.
  • India's first Certified Organic herbal cultivator - Exporter since1999 .
  • The only cultivator of certified organic Stevia certified by (Beauro-Veritas)
  • ISO-22000-2005  FS/MS Certified 
  • Member- APEDA. (Received and repaid India's largest ever Loan for Agriculture purpose (above 1 crore repaid in one year itself.)
  • On the basis of extensive research market survey and suitability of climate and soil conditions of Bastar we have identified 12 high value herbals for commercial cultivation with high demand in the domestic and international market "Stevia is one of these crops".(As per organic norms.)


Esteemed Associates /Organization 


  1. Draft Air Ltd. India Ahmdabad
  2. Air-Air Limited Banglore
  3. Themis Medicare
  4. L & T Heavy Engineering.
  5. Walchand Nagar Industries Pune.
  6. Good rich Tea Company.
  7. Dawat Basmati Rice.
  8. TRIFED (Govt.of India)
  9. Deptt of Agro Forestry Haryana Govt.of Hariyan.
  10. Ministry of Forest C.G.Goverment India

 And more over100 Esteemed satisfied associates from India and abroad.


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