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Provision Cost To Cultivate Stevia In 1 Acre Of Land 1St Year In INR 2nd year In INR 3rd Year In INR 4th Year In INR
Organic Manuring          8,000.00      
Land Preparation + Bed Raising          3,000.00      
Drip Irrigation/Micro sprinklers        30,000.00      
Planting Material 20,000 Cloned Plants @INR 8.00     1,60,000.00      
Transporting of sapling plants*        
Sowing          2,500.00      
Weeding          3,000.00       3,000.00        3,000.00        3,000.00
Irrigation & Supervision          3,000.00       3,000.00        3,000.00        3,000.00
Harvesting,Drying & Packing       10,000.00     10,000.00      10,000.00     10,000.00
Technical Expert Charges**        
TOTAL Expenses     219,500.00     16,000.00      16,000.00     16,000.00
2700 Kg. of Dry Leaves, Marketed @ of INR 100     270,000.00   270,000.00    270,000.00   270,000.00
 NET INCOME PER YEAR     50,500.00   254,000.00    254,000.00   254,000.00
* Variable depends upon distance.
**Variable depends upon number of visit done by the expert.

Soil Type,Plant Verities  and land preparation :-  

Stevia plant grows well in rich, well drained soils like red and sandy loam soils. The soil should be of fine tilt and natural ph. level. The land should be initially harrowed and then ploughed to break down the clods .The site should not be susceptible to flooding of or pudding. The raised bed should be of 15 cm (height)and 60 cm (width).The distance between two rows should be 40 cm and that between each plant 30 cm. This would give a plant population of around 20,000 to 25,000/per acre.

There are two popular verities devloped for Indian farmers suitable for Indian soils and Climates. Name of these successfull verities are MDS-13 & MDS-14 ,devoloped for high temp./Low rain area,s.These verities are appriciated by ICAR,s (Indian Council of Agriculture Research) magzine Indian-Horticulture in 2011.

Many farmers of varius states of India are growing this high yielding,low care verity successfully.Our new research proves that,these verities are suitable for African Countries like Ethiopia and surrounding countries.

Irrigation :-  

Micro sprinklers/drip are the best method of irrigating Stevia plants to avoid damage by excessive levels of moisture. Frequent light watering is recommended during the summer months while during winter months as the bed starts loosing moisture .Traditional methods of irrigation are also efective in Stevia farming ,but requirment of water increases in opting such methods .


Fertilizer :-  
Stevia plants responds well to fertilizers with lower nitrogen content than fertilizer with Phosphoric Acids or potash content. Most organic fertilizers would work well since they release Nitrogen slowly. Since the feeder roots of Stevia plant tend to be very near to the surface, It is a good idea to add Compost for extra Nutrients if the soil is Sandy .Sustainable FYM, Wormi compost ,Organic manure/Cow Urine .02% folier spray may be the recommended dose. Nitrogen application is a must for the production of dry matter and good harvest of leaves. alt
Deweeding and maintenance:-  
There is no pest and disease incidence in this crop. In case any disease symptom is noticed, spraying of neem oil diluted in water is the best organic method. Removal of weeds can be done manually. Since the crop is grown on raised beds, interculture operations are easier by manual labor. Flowering of the plant should be avoided. Pinching of the apical bud would enhance bushy growth of the plant with side branches.  
First harvest can be made after 4-5 months while the subsequent harvest can be made every 3 months for 3 years. The plant are cut just before flowering as the sweetener in the leaf is the maximum at that time. Leaves are harvested by plucking in a small quantity or the entire plant with the side branches is cut leaving 10 to 15cm from the base. The expected yield would be 2700 kgs of dried leaves per acre.  
Post Harvest:-  
The harvested branches are dried in shade and the dried leaves are stripped off from the branches.The dried leaves are powdered sieved and the fine powder is stored in containers.  
Marketing :-  

Though relatively new to India it's marketing infrastructure is fast taking shape. The farmers should form their consortium to get good price for their produce and to eliminate the middle man in the domestic market and export market both. 
  Being a medicinal plant coming under horticulture crops, Stevia cultivation entitles one to tax- free returns. Subsidy UP To  60 Thousands per Acre may also be available from  NHB & National Medicinal Plants Board. Financial support from Banks should be available for the cultivation of Stevia.

Stevia cultivation in India- Many farmers of varius  States are successfully  growing STEVIA,s Indian verity  MDS-13&MDS-14 selective proccess.For traing of Organic Cultivation and Marketing assistance they have their own organization,"STEVIA GROWERS ASSOCIATION of India" (SGAI) ,a  associate branch of CHAMF-INDIA




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